About Us

Our production facilities on the Gold Coast allow us to modify vehicles from complete motor body reconstructions,restorations and fully engineered specialised additions to existing vehicles. We have engineering facilities, metal fabrication, fibreglass moulding and production, panel repair and paint shop available.

Professional knowledge

Our family business started in 1948 and has been at the forefront of specialty vehicle modification since that time. A huge range of vehicles including Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes and most other types have had major modifications or repair work undertaken. A high level of expertise and practical knowledge has been accumulated through many years and projects, giving a unique level of competence to perform your modification to the highest engineering standard.

Accessible Taxi Conversions

Public service vehicles require a high level of design and safety and we have produced over 1000 wheelchair accessible taxis that are relied on by taxi operators NZ and Australia wide because they know ,that over many years and millions of kilometres, our vehicles stand up to the rigours of taxi use.An example is the stretched Toyota Tarago conversion which is the most sought after accessible taxi in Australia. A great compliment to our staff and the production techniques employed here.